Cures and prevention for Ebola

August 9, 2014 Doctor

What suggestions do you have on curing and preventing Ebola?


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salt does not work


Government should introduce an every week free medical check up for all her citizen to know those that has been affected on time while we continue anticipating for the cure…


Public service announcement on Ebola virus

Attn: Ebola virus does not have a 100% fatality rate. This means that people do survive it even without the American miracle serum, hence contracting the virus does not imply an automatic death sentence.
How can one survive it? Early detection, isolation and treatment improves a person’s chance of survival.
What increases the risk of death? Knowing that you’ve been exposed to a person confirmed as infected and deliberately hiding increases the risk of death and also infecting others, and ofcourse those who would most easily be infected by you are those closest to you (friends, colleagues and family members).
Knowing that you have been exposed and not taking appropriate measures to check yourself and possibly isolate yourself amounts to foolishness and cruelty, it doesn’t improve your chance of survival in any way. The Liberian brought it to our country intentionally, don’t help him spread it. No cure exists, but survival is still very much possible if appropriate actions are taken on time. Help spread life, not death through ignorance, selfishness or malice.


Lamivudine was found to give a 70% cure by Liberian Doctor Gobee Logan. See: http://newsrescue.com/liberian-doctor-cures-ebola-hiv-drug-lamivudine-video/#axzz3HPREZ8mF

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